Shares and Certificates

Here you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about shares and certificates.

Can I sell my shares?

Yes (where applicable on service offering).

When your claim has been finalised, Equiniti Financial Services Limited (EFSL) offer a dealing service which you will be able to use. A copy of the dealing service terms and conditions are set out on the enclosed information sheet. To sell your shares through EFSL, you will need to tick option 1B in Section 1 of the Claim Form before completing the other Sections. There are no extra fees incurred in selecting to sell your shares.

Alternatively, you may make your own arrangements to sell your shares by ticking box 1A above before completing the other parts of the Claim Form.

Can I sell part of my share holding?

We do not offer this option within our service. 

I cannot find my share certificate(s) for the holding, can I still claim?

If you do not hold your original or valid share certificate(s), this will not prevent you from collecting your entitlements.

In order to receive the funds due, you should complete and sign the Claim Form leaving the lost certificate indemnity section of the form blank (Section 3). Alternatively you can write in the box – LOST or MISSING within the share certificate section.

How do I know the share certificate held is valid?

Read the denomination and the date on the certificate held (e.g. XXX ordinary shares of XX pence each dated Day Month Year or Later).

Compare the certificate held with the valid share certificate denomination and dates stated within the Question and Answers section of the Claim Form.

If you are in any doubt as to the validity of the share certificate(s) you hold please contact us for confirmation.

Can I send photocopies of my share certificate(s) with the form?

Only original share certificate(s) are acceptable. If the Claim Form is received with photocopies of the share certificate(s) the Declaration of Lost Share Certificate(s) will apply and you will be charged a lost certificate(s) fee.

What will the lost certificate indemnity cost me?

If you are unable to return all of the correct certificates, ProSearch can process your claim utilising the indemnity for the lost certificates, however there will be an extra fee charged for this. Please complete all parts of the Claim Form, paying particular attention to the relevant section regarding share certificates (Section 3).

I keep my shares electronically in a Corporate Sponsored Nominee and therefore don’t have a share certificate – will I get charged for lost share certificate(s)?

 No. If your shares are held electronically in a Corporate Sponsored Nominee the Lost Share Certificate charge will not apply.

When will you confirm my shares have been sold?

We will send confirmation of your sale after the trade has completed and sale proceeds cheques will be sent once the trade has settled. This is usually two days after we have placed your instruction in the market and will usually accompany the sale advice. 

When will I receive my new share certificate?

If you have elected to keep your shares, a new share certificate (if shares are not being held in the Corporate Sponsored Nominee) will be sent within three weeks of the claim being validated and cheque settlement being sent to you.

The Registrars, Equiniti will send out the share certificate following validation and the completion of your claim.