Reunite Your Assets

Here you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about the process.

Can I submit the Verification Form by email?

We are unable to accept a photocopy or digital copy of the completed Verification Form. An original "wet signature" of the shareholder(s) or legal representative(s) is required.


Do I have to fill in these forms?

To utilise the ProSearch service being offered, please fully complete and return the Verification Form along with any supporting documentation requested to ProSearch in the reply-paid envelope provided.


Who can certify copies of documents?

Copies of documentation can be certified by a regulated professional person or body covered by the money laundering regulations, such as a UK Lawyer/Solicitor, Bank and Authorised Financial Intermediary (FCA regulated).

The certifier should provide their name, address of the company they work for, company stamp and their registration number.

Please ensure that the certified stamp is original.

I have sent my Verification Form back but I have received a letter asking me to complete and return a form?

It is quite possible that our reminder letter has crossed in the post, however, there are occasions when a second form may be required to be signed or completed (FORM 2), or a Small Estates Declaration & Indemnity Form (FORM 3), so this may be the reason you have received another form to complete. 

Can I send photocopies of my share certificate(s) with the form?

Only original share certificate(s) are acceptable. If the Verification Form is received into our offices with photocopies of the share certificate(s), the Declaration of Lost Share Certificate(s) will apply and you will be charged a lost certificate(s) fee.

I keep my shares electronically in a Corporate Sponsored Nominee and therefore don’t have a share certificate – will I get charged for lost share certificate(s)?

 No. If your shares are held electronically in a Corporate Sponsored Nominee the Lost Share Certificate charge will not apply.

I did not tick a box in Section 1 of the Verification Form to decide which option I would like, what happens?

If you tick more than one box or no boxes, we will assume you want to proceed as if you had ticked box 1A - KEEP.

What if the shareholder is a minor (under the age of 18)?

A parent or guardian will be required to sign the Verification Form and provide a form of ID (Passport or Driving License).

They will also be requested to provide an original or certified full Birth Certificate for the minor in question.

Can you make the cheque out in the name of one or both of the parents?

The settlement cheque will be made out in the name of minor (investor) and cannot be made out to a parent or guardian.

Can I donate the entitlement to charity?

Yes. We offer the opportunity to donate your full entitlement to charity. Please see the Verification Form for more information on the chosen charity.

A completed Verification Form signed by all signatories with supporting documents (where requested) is required.

For all donations made, we do not charge an administration fee on your donation.

What charities do ShareGift donate to?

ShareGift donate to over 2500 UK registered charities, requesting charity suggestions from all donors, regardless of the value of investments donated.

For further information please go to

If I select to donate my entitlements to ShareGift (as per Verification Form) can I specify which registered charity it goes to?

Yes. Please complete the Verification Form, indicating the ShareGift charity option, and return it directly to ProSearch.

If you wish to suggest a charity for ShareGift to support, please contact them directly. Please include your full name and address details, what shares/cash you are donating, and your ProSearch reference number so they can identify your donation with us.

If you are requiring a letter confirming the donation, please request this directly from ShareGift.