Change of Name

Here you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about when your name has changed.

My name has changed, what documents do I need to provide?

You will need to provide proof of the change of name. The type of documents required depends on the circumstance/reason for name change.

Please check the following list for the documents that we will require from you.

Marriage or Civil Partnership certificate

Incorrectly registered details
This depends on what is registered incorrectly:

For 2 characters or less and the name is not radically changed

  • Copy of a current full UK/EEA driving licence or current passport.

Misspelt i.e. ‘Tracy to Stacy’ or full name not registered i.e. Maggie instead of Margaret

  • Proof of holding or previously held registered address
  • Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate or Letter from bank or solicitor confirming same individual

Decree Absolute and Birth Certificate
(Scottish shareholders: Decree Absolute and only if maiden name not shown, Birth Certificate)

Dissolution/annulment of a Civil Partnership
Civil Partnership Dissolution Order

Name change for any other reasons
Change of Name Deed/Deed Poll

Corporate change of name
Certificate of Incorporation


Please note: An original or certified copy (by a bank or solicitor) of the supporting documentation is required for name changes. ProSearch are unable to accept uncertified photocopies or photocopies of certifications. All original documentation will be returned to you once registered.

Who can certify copies of documents?

Copies of documentation can be certified by a regulated professional person or body covered by the money laundering regulations, such as a UK Lawyer/Solicitor, Bank and Authorised Financial Intermediary (FCA regulated).

The certifier should provide their name, address of the company they work for, company stamp and their registration number.

Please ensure that the certified stamp is original.

Will my documents be returned?

All original legal documentation will be returned. We will not return photocopies or photocopies of certifications unless it is requested.

​We will endeavour to ensure that your documents are safely returned to you. However, we cannot guarantee this, so please send us certified copies of official documents where possible.

I’m sending you important documents, can you return them by recorded delivery?

Yes, please send the documents with a covering letter asking us to return them by recorded (signed) delivery and we will do this. If you send us original documents, we recommend you use a secure delivery service.